Tonight was an Interesting Night

Tonight was an interesting night to say the least. I learned about the lives of tweakers. My step dad’s truck got stolen 2 weeks ago. I happen to have a guy tint my windows and when I went to his house my dad’s truck was at the neighbor’s house. I […]

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I came to America to get away from my father and his political views. He was or should I say is, very strict and didn’t approve of my lifestyle. He hated everything I did. He used to find all my music CDs and take the ones he didn’t like. I […]

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Ironic Life Lessons

My daughter and I were talking about the importance of saving oneself for marriage. I told her what happened to me and how I got pregnant before I got married After telling her my story of how I got pregnant before I got married, she asked me if could go […]

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Black Belt in Jiu Jitsu

He was born to be a black belt but life didn’t make it easy on him. Earning a black belt would not be easy for any of us, so for those that do attain the rank of black belt you can be sure there is quite a story that goes […]

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Jade, A Lot on Her Plate

Hi, I’m Jade. I am 11 years old and I’m really kinda sweet most of the time. I have two brothers and a really great mother and father that are really awesome. I live in a house with my grandma and four cousins with our dog and their two little […]

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After The Wind Storm

I was cleaning up the (neighbor\’s) yard after the wind storm and noticed the tree was leaning towards the house. The owner of the trailer has had three trees fall on her homes in the last year and a half. After the first time, she moved up a few trailers […]

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