May 20, 2016

Meth, know what I mean?

IMG_0762 (3)

First time I ever had meth was in west Germany, but I didn’t know I had that.

I went to see the ‘Hotel California’ concert in Germany-I was living in Nuerburg – ’cause my dad-my parents – my dad was a civil servant in the US Army. I went to a lot of concerts. It’s pretty liberal over there. Shit, we was able to get uppers and downers over the counter bro. Dexadrine is an upper. It’s meth. In fact, for ADHD I was given dexes. It didn’t work. Adderall worked for me. Adderall was the stuff that worked for me. But I am hooked on meth. It’s bad. It’s bad. I mean I had a psychologist that I went to because my other psychologist retired. My other psychiatrist gave me as much shit as I wanted. Know what I mean? Actually got more than I need it so I could sell it. I was using meth on the side, brother. Know what I mean?

I’m headed to treatment. I might go to, uh…  I finally gave in and accepted the words from others. Sometimes God blesses us through other people. They’re the ones that sometimes bless us. He does. Like this one lady, a mom where I eat, in the morning she says when are you going to treatment? And I was just like – I was asking the Lord the day before what I’m going to do. And I said I guess that’s the message huh? Guess I’m going. Ya know?


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