December 26, 2016

Santa’s Helper

I spoke with a seasonal bell ringer for the Salvation Army this afternoon.

I like having winter. I like having four seasons. I learn to like the snow while being in the military. I served in Maryland, two stints in Germany so um to me winter is no surprise. I don’t mind; I don’t mind the snow. I had all kinds of friends say I am going to get up there and get all snowed in…. I said yeah, ya know, I’m gonna say I’m retired. Just look at the snow and enjoy it. It’s just a matter of you learn how to drive in it and deal with it.

I do this because ya know there’s a lot of people that don’t have the option of living out in the cold. When I am done with this I get to go home to a nice warm house. They aren’t so lucky. So ya know…. I have a nice pension. I have a nice family. Ya know a nice house. There are a lot of people that are a lot less fortunate.

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