April 13, 2016

Tonight was an Interesting Night


Tonight was an interesting night to say the least.

I learned about the lives of tweakers. My step dad’s truck got stolen 2 weeks ago. I happen to have a guy tint my windows and when I went to his house my dad’s truck was at the neighbor’s house. I spent the last 3 days going back trying to catch it there since I didn’t approach it while at the guys house. I didn’t want to cause any issues for him so I waited.

Anyway today at 4 I get a text from him saying it was there. I rush up there and see it. Call the cops and wait an hour and a half! Nothing and then the guy goes to get in the truck and leave. I rolled up on him and it spooked him and he took off.

Anyway ended up talking to the neighbors and they agreed to help me. For $110 in cash and beer and cigarettes I got them to set the guy up. 4 hours later he came back and I attempt to approach him nicely. He pulls a knife on me and I had my gun…I decided to not escalate the situation since I was in a neighborhood and couldn’t guarantee my shots. I was able to walk away and call it in. Cops confirmed it was the truck and spent 1 hour removing needles and bags of drugs.

I spent time with the tweaker neighbors who were very helpful it was just sad to see how they live….I’m glad I’m going home safe and got the truck back because this could be much different. The guy got away but I’m sure things will eventually catch up.

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