April 12, 2016

Vet in 90 Degree Heat


I served in the Army in 61. But it was driving a semi that did this to me.

I have almost no feeling in both my legs.

“See this? (pointing to the button on his chair…) The button on my wheelchair broke off. The chair doesn’t move without it. It was stuck facing my desk. I had to get up and look for it. While looking for it I accidently locked myself out of my apartment.”

“I almost crawled from that door, three apartments, to mine on my hands and knees. I almost didn’t make it. That’s how bad they are. Both my hips, my back and my sciatic nerve were mad at me and didn’t like me for two days. And I had to do it again yesterday, but this time the door was open. They still got mad at me. The day I found it, guess where it was? I was sitting on it the whole time. Yeah. My back is numb, I can’t feel a thing. So I was sitting on it and didn’t even know it. Had I looked back before I went out the door I would have found it. I looked down and there it was. Boy did I call it a few names!”


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